Re: TEST: 1 of 7 : document updated - intro

On July 23, Jeremy Carroll writes:


> *** general interest? Ian, DanC, Jos
> I have updated in light of the change to semantic layering I5.3
> ACTION JJC update test document  to reflect iff => if 

Presumably this only affects OWL Full tests?


> *** Charles, Jim -
> I have added Charles' test for inverse and oneOf 

Please see [1] in which Sean proposed a test which uses inverse, oneOf
*and* cardinality to illustrate the kind of "corner case" that makes
DL reasoning hard (it really requires all three of these features).


> *** Ian, Jim, Jonathan -
> I have added Ian's version of the reptile example for
> AllDisjoint

Do you have a pointer? - I couldn't find it in the document.


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