Re: WOWG: We need your results on the Tests

Jim - we took the latest Test Manifest
which has 234 tests (not counting the 26 OBSOLETED test cases).
Here's our summary (a "-" means that we don't run such tests):

                          level     tests   proofFound
                                            with Euler
PositiveEntailmentTest    Lite         25           12
                          DL           19            1
                          Full         36           26

InconsistencyTest         Lite         28            1
                          DL           39            1
                          Full          4            4

ImportEntailmentTest      Full          2            2

NegativeEntailmentTest    Lite          5            -
                          DL            4            -
                          Full          5            -

ConsistencyTest           Lite         20            -
                          DL           25            -
                          Full          7            -

ImportsLevelTest          Lite          3            -
                          DL            1            -
                          Full          1            -

OWLforOWLTest             Lite          1            1
                          DL            1            0
                          Full          3            3

NotOwlFeatureTest         Lite          5            -

Wrt the table in
we tried to implement all the features, but are incomplete.

Jos De Roo, AGFA

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  if you are running our tests through a system, please send me a list
of which tests you pass - including both approved and proposed tests
- even if you only handle a couple, let me know.
  Jos, I need your most up to date Euler results
  Sean, I need your most up to date Vampire results
  Charles, I need your most up to date Cerebra results
  Jeremy, are there any Jena 2.0 results yet?
Also, if you know anyone else who is running tests (e.g. the Racer
guys) please ask them to send me their results
  Guus, are you and Jan running tests - I've seen what he has done
with his Prolog implementation (we are using it for browsing the
extremely large NCI ontology without prolems) - so we should cite it
in the implementations list, but I don't know if he/you are running
any tests
  If anyone else is running tests, please let me know

  I currently have at least some results from:

(alphabetical list):
Euler (Jos)
Vampire (Sean)
Cerebra (Charles)
E-wallet (Fabien Gandon, CMU)
OWLLET (Bijan Parsia, UMCP)
PELLET (Ron Alford, UMCP)
OWLLISA (Jordan Katz, UMCP)

and hope we'll get some from

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