Re: WOWG: We need your results on the Tests

I plan to integrate responses in the thread into
our request for CR/PR...

I integrated some off-list feedback from Charles White (thanks!).

Jos, thanks for the update. I wonder if you could help
me see the big picture here...

On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 20:17, Jos De_Roo wrote:
> Jim - we took the latest Test Manifest
> which has 234 tests (not counting the 26 OBSOLETED test cases).
> Here's our summary (a "-" means that we don't run such tests):

What I'd like to know is: does your Euler-based implementation
support OWL Lite Equality and Inequality? i.e. does
it pass all the tests in section 7.1 that relate to
owl:AllDifferent, owl:sameClassAs, owl:differentFrom,
owl:distinctMembers, owl:samePropertyAs, sameAs,
and the test in section 7.2.4. EquivalentTo?

Similarly for the other rows in the
"Features and Implementations" table.

I wonder if the manifest correlates tests to
the feature groups in that table... or if
it could be enhanced to without much work.
(Sandro, have you made any progress on
reporting test results?)

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