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Re: regrets for 3 weeks

From: <Dlmcg1@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 21:12:12 -0400
To: Frank.van.Harmelen@cs.vu.nl (Frank van Harmelen), www-webont-wg@w3.org (WebOnt WG)
Message-ID: <30BC3C6C.27C62BE6.000486D8@aol.com>

could someone keep a list of things for the overview document?
I am in australia now and will be totally disconnected from now until i return to the states in 2 weeks.
i do not know if frank will be monitoring email while he is off but if not things will fall through the cracks.


In a message dated Thu, 10 Jul 2003 10:34:06 PM AEST, Frank van Harmelen <Frank.van.Harmelen@cs.vu.nl> writes:

>I will be absent for the next 3 weeks.
>> ACTION: Frank van Harmelen to respond to one open element (rdfs:Class
>> vs. owl:Class)
>I didn't find the time to do this after the resolution on the layering was 
>closed, I'm afraid.
>My apologies.
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