Re: Moving owl:Nothing from DL to Lite

In my opinion, we could make this change without needing a second LC 
or CR due to the minimality of the change.

At 14:24 +0100 4/28/03, Ian Horrocks wrote:
>The changes required to the various documents in order to implement
>this change seem to be very minor. As far as I can tell they would be
>limited to:
>In Section 3.1 "OWL Lite RDF Schema Features", under "Classes", append
>the sentence "There is also a built-in most specific class named
>Nothing that is the class that has no instances and a subclass of all
>OWL classes.".
>In Section 4 "Incremental Language Description of OWL DL and OWL
>FULL", under "complex classes", delete the sentence "OWL also includes
>a special "bottom" class with the name Nothing that is the class that
>has no instances.".
>No change.
>In Section 3.1 "Class descriptions", delete "NOTE: owl:Nothing is not
>included in OWL Lite.".
>In Section 8.3 "OWL Lite", delete "owl:Nothing" from list of things
>forbidden in Lite.
>In "Index of Vocabulary (Informative)", in the entry for
>"owl:Nothing", add pointer to Section 2.1 in column labelled "Abstract
>OWL Lite Syntax".
>Editors of individual documents will no doubt want to double check to
>see that I didn't miss anything.
>Regards, Ian

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