Re: Moving owl:Nothing from DL to Lite

On April 28, Ian Horrocks writes:
> The changes required to the various documents in order to implement
> this change seem to be very minor. As far as I can tell they would be
> limited to:


I forgot to mention:


In C.2.2. "Language Compliance Levels":

test 001 would, perhaps, be redundant (could change it to an
"interesting" inconsistent document test by adding an instance of the
Nothing class);

test 002 would become 100% Lite.

In C.3.1. "Extended Satisfiability Tests":

test 002 conclusion KB would be Lite.

In C.3.2. "Heinsohn's Tests":

test 105 conclusion KB would be Lite.

Regards, Ian

Received on Monday, 28 April 2003 09:35:36 UTC