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Jeremy Carroll écrit:
>A last call issue being discussed on RDF Core at the moment concerns
>'redundant' rdf:type rdf:List triples.
>I have suggested that OWL needs these triples, and I am currently arguing
>against their removal.

Can you tell why OWL needs them?

I looks like a syntactic issue for me. If you add in the semantics 
that whatever with a rdf:first is a list, then if the triples are not 
in the graph they are a consequence of it.

>I believe RDF Core WG would value a formal or informal comment from WOWG on
>this issue.
>It seems to me that removing these triples, while technically feasible, is a
>small amount of work for RDF Core and a large amount of work for Web Ont.
>Also, given that this construct is essentially the daml:collection construct,
>the default is not to change, but to emit the equivalent of the daml:List
>Might it be possible to have a minute or two on this under AOB today?

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