Re: comments on issue 5.19 (classes as instances) and 4.6 (equivalentTo)

>[I found this note surprisingly difficult to write.  I may end up
>significantly revising it due to comments from the group.]

I found it easy to read ...

> 1/ Super-strong: ... taken in the new RDF model theory
> 2/ Strong:
> 3/ Weak:  ... taken in the DAML+OIL model theory.
> 4/ None:

My take is that the semantic web will be weakened if the different layers
unnecessarily take different branches at choices that face them.

Hence, I think we either should:
- follow the RDF model theory
- agree a WG comment about the RDF model theory as to why some other
approach to classes is better

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with the approach taken in the RDF
model theory?


PS: Peter's analysis seemed to indicate that equivalentTo was the only
interesting one of these relationships in the superstrong approach.

Received on Tuesday, 30 July 2002 03:55:27 UTC