ADMIN: scribe notes from 24 Jan telecon

Chair: Jim Hendler, Guus Schreiber
Scribe:	Stefan Decker

Note:  The discussion did not happen in the order presented herein.

ACTION DanC: to send roll details.


1) Administrativa  (10 min, includes telecon greets and attendance)
  JimH: More focused - phone call around action items

2) Action item status check/review (50 min)

   Action: sending presentations to DanC: Done: IanH, GuusH, StefanD, 
PeterH has made them available

Language Issues
   pending: ACTION Stein: explain "many systems, including frame and oo 
systems ...

   pending: ACTION Jeffh: to bring implications of this use of subClassOf 
to attn of RDF Core WG

  pending: ACTION: JimH to state summary of decidability issue ...

   ???: Status: ACTION: Ian/Frank to come up w/an adjective to modify 

   done: Action IPSSUE Resolved: see


  pending: ACTION JeffH, Jonathan D., Rafael V.: to draft a requirements 
document by end of Jan.
           Use Cases required by early in the week starting Jan 28 in 
format described in:
           See: for a draft

           pending: Action: Leo (lead), Mike, Jonathan, Raphael  will 
update content interoperability
           pending: Action: StefanD will update Web Services and sent of 
Jeff (based on input from TimF)

  in progress: Action: DanC/IanH/MikeD to measure DAML+OIL vs WebOnt 
requirements: draft at:

  pending: Action: DieterF, PeterPS, MikeS :Document about Language 
Layering: early draft before Jan 31,draft till Feb 15
                  Language Layering document needs to list issues and 
                  Language Layering document should come in several stages 
1) email to group 2) document to link to, no review required 3) eventually 
clean up, W3C Note

  pending: Action: JimH: F2F Schedule proposal

3) Defaults discussion (20 min)
    The minimum requirement for defaults is the definition of a
    methodological guideline for users about how to handle defaults in OWL.

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