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[voicexml30] fouth WD of VoiceXML 3.0 has been published Kazuyuki Ashimura (Monday, 7 December)

[scxml] sixth WD of SCXML is published Kazuyuki Ashimura (Friday, 30 October)

Changes to DOM3 Events Key Identifiers Doug Schepers (Friday, 30 October)

Re: Comments on CCXML specification - [cc] ISSUE-635 ISSUE-636 ISSUE-637 ISSUE-638 RJ Auburn (Thursday, 22 October)

Re: CCXML: Message on Hold - ISSUE-634 [cc] RJ Auburn (Thursday, 22 October)

Re: CCXML: using Object in the application scope - example error - ISSUE-633 RJ Auburn (Thursday, 22 October)

Re: Moving Form Events from DOM3 Events to HTML5 Kazuyuki Ashimura (Sunday, 11 October)

PLS errata hidden behind password Nick Levinson (Saturday, 3 October)

request sidney kanmegne (Wednesday, 30 September)

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