Re: [scxml] sixth WD of SCXML is published

Jim Barnett wrote:
> Greg,
> Here are responses to two more of your requests.  We will respond to the 
> rest as we review them.
> 2. Would it be possible for transition/@event to be of type NMTOKENS 
> instead of NMTOKEN?
>  >> We have accepted this request.  In the next public working draft, it 
> will be possible to specify multiple event names in transition/@event 
> (though we haven’t decided exactly what type to use in the schema.)

Excellent; thank you.

> What happens if a <history> with no default transition is the target
> of a transition?
>  >>  This cannot happen because the transition is mandatory.  Section 
> 3.11.2 says that the transition child “Occurs once.”  However, the 
> schema  needs to be fixed since it makes the transition child optional.  
> This will be fixed in the next draft. 

OK, that clears some things up. Are you making it explicitly mandatory, 
or "mandatory with an implicit default" such as was done with 
initial|@initial in this recent WD?

Thanks for your reply.

-- Greg

Received on Friday, 20 November 2009 03:39:53 UTC