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Re: Moving Form Events from DOM3 Events to HTML5 Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 22 September)

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case-sensitivity & sentence structure Nick Levinson (Sunday, 20 September)

idiolectal pronunciation Nick Levinson (Sunday, 20 September)

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pronunciation that is font-sensitive Nick Levinson (Sunday, 20 September)

pronunciation rules for types of numbers Nick Levinson (Sunday, 20 September)

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Comments on CCXML specification Petr Kuba (Friday, 18 September)

Question on SRGS spec and IR Ian Sutherland (Tuesday, 8 September)

Men Uriadas (Sunday, 30 August)

[ssml] France Telecom, Orange Labs, Implementation Report for SSML 1.1 Candidate Recommendation paul.bagshaw@orange-ftgroup.com (Friday, 28 August)

[ssml11] updated CR of SSML 1.1 is published Kazuyuki Ashimura (Friday, 28 August)

[voicexml30] third WD of VoiceXML 3.0 is published Kazuyuki Ashimura (Tuesday, 25 August)

Dynamic <audio> and video IVR. Paul Campbell (Monday, 24 August)

[SCXML] Algorithm mainEventLoop and the internalQueue Philipp Kolhoff (Monday, 27 July)

Typo at http://www.w3.org/TR/scxml/#Basic Doug Falconer (Friday, 24 July)

Re: CCXML WD 19012007 - Limiting amount of connection inputs and other comments. [cc] ISSUE-570 RJ Auburn (Thursday, 16 July)

[CCXML] Reg execution of subsequent elements after an event is encountered for current element in <transition> Rajesh N (Thursday, 2 July)

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