Re: VoiceXML 2.1: <data> XML media types

* Matt Oshry wrote:
>Implementations determine that a document is XML based on the media
>type. A normative reference to RFC 3023 will be added to the VoiceXML
>2.1 specification, and the specific mention of 'text/xml' will be
>replaced with a reference to RFC 3023.

I'm willing to accept this if a note similar to the following is added:

  Note: Media types are not required to adhere to the conventions set
        forth in RFC 3023 and some media types intended for common
        use have been registered for XML document types that do not
        follow this convention. This includes but is not limited to
        formats that encode XML documents but use alternate encodings
        to those defined in RFC 3023. Resources of these types cannot
        be used in combination with this feature.

Examples here would include application/smil and probably whatever the
W3C EXI Working Group is going to define.
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