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RE: grammar that matches arbitrary word?

From: Andrew Hunt <andrew.hunt@speechworks.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:55:17 -0500
To: <Markku.Savela@vtt.fi>, <www-voice@w3.org>
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The nature of speech recognition is that the speech recognizer must know
what words to listen for and that grammars specify what to listen for.
So to address the phone directory task you either need to produce a grammar
that includes all the names that you want recognized OR have a speech
recognizer with the names built in.  Solutions that I've heard about use
the former with the grammar being generated from a database or other 
information source.

You should also be concerned with recognition accuracy especially if the
name grammar has 589,392 names (as in your example below).  Large name
recognition can be deployed but requires fine tuning of the recognizer and
careful dialog design.  Factors that influence deployment include audio
channel (telephone vs. desktop microphone), name set (corporate dialer
vs. telephone book), impact of recognition error (what happens if the
recognizer hears the wrong name), rejection and confirmation dialogs...

  Andrew Hunt
  Editor, W3C Speech Recognition Grammar Spec
  SpeechWorks International

Full disclosure: my employer sells name and automated assistant products.
To the best of my knowledge the answers above apply to other commercial
products too.

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> Subject: grammar that matches arbitrary word?
> hi,
> To test my browser, I thougth to write a simple phone directory
> application: ask a name and perfom a query to database.
> However, how do I do this?
> ...
> <field name="name">
>   <prompt>Whose phone number you want to know?</prompt>
>   <grammar>
>    ??? what is the grammar to accept any name ???
>   </grammar>
> </field>
> ...
> Or how this type of application is supposed to be modelled? Although,
> you could generate a grammar from database
>  <one-of>
>   <item> name1 </item>
>   <item> name2 </item>
>   ...
>   ...
>   <item> name589392 </item>
>  <one-of>
> I don't think this a solution...
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