RE: Which "gateway" is best?

One way to understand different VoiceXML gateways is to look at the
CommWeb's report that published results lab tests conducted by CT Labs. The
latest report is located at  

Due to the lack of a standard conformance test, an independent review
by CT Labs comes close to such a test. 
Srinivas Penumaka
Product Manager
Telera, Inc.

As certified by CT Labs, Telera provides superior call handling performance
- 100 percent call completion with no errors.

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Subject: Which "gateway" is best?

Greetings all.

Myself and a few others I know here are very excited about VXML, and
we're just starting to educate ourselves on the language.  We have found
TellMe, VoiceGenie, and BeVocal, not to mention a few other VXML "gateways."
 Each seems to mix standards support with a bit of proprietary offerings
(e.g. TellMe's Grammar libraries).  Heavily relying on one of the gateway's
proprietary features will surely speed early development of applications,
but at the same time will make our applications more dependent on using
that particular gateway.

I would appreciate everyone's opinions about which VXML gateway you prefer,
and why.  I don't have an opinion yet, and I'd like to include your
with the various gateways in the information that I use to form my opinion.

Lance Hilliard
Memphis, TN

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