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[VE][74] Strange unordered list error taylor@eezi.net.au (Saturday, 11 August)

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Validator bug: Bad character after < Назар Мокринський (Sunday, 5 August)

ul tag BRIANCIZME (Saturday, 4 August)

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[VE][html5] Unclosed element div. Peter Mitchell (Friday, 3 August)

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[VE][html5] Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta. Peter Mitchell (Friday, 3 August)

AW: Tar-ball version differs from validator.w3.org S. Brüseke - proIO GmbH (Thursday, 2 August)

Validator.w3.org makes reference to non-W3C resources in diagnostics Philip TAYLOR (Wednesday, 1 August)

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