Re: [VE][html5] Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta.

On 3 Aug 2012, at 04:08, Peter Mitchell <> wrote:
> I am trying to fix the error I encounter when validating my site.  The error is a 'Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta' unfortunately I do not know what this means.

This keeps coming up, so I think we need a FAQ / better error description for it. I might even write one myself if my other tasks for this weekend don't overwhelm me. Before I try to, however, could someone explain how the registered values for this get into the validator?

I'm assuming that I'll end up writing something along the lines of " meta extensions registered on the WHATWG wiki are periodically manually registered with the validator's experimental HTML 5 backend so new registrations should not be expected to be supported immediately", but would like to make sure that my memory is correct on that point.

David Dorward

Received on Friday, 3 August 2012 16:27:05 UTC