Re: web service API returning HTML rather than SOAP 1.2


Quick follow-up on the list,

On Jul 17, 2007, at 07:40 , olivier Thereaux wrote:
> I am far from being a javascript expert, but shouldn't it be  
> encodeURIComponent(location.href) ? It looks like you're sending  
> the whole content of the page as a URI parameter, which possibly  
> trips up the validator.

Lori told me that in this case docContents had the right contents (a  
URI string) so that's not the issue.

I looked at the validator code, which reminded me that the validator  
issues a redirect if called with a POST for a validation by URI. I'm  
suspecting this could be related to the issue at hand, even if not  

Lori, when passing a URI (not the local contents of a file) to the  
validator, maybe trying to do it with a GET method would work?

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