Re: web service API returning HTML rather than SOAP 1.2

Hello Lori,

On Jul 10, 2007, at 02:08 , Lori Hylan-Cho wrote:
> var docContents = document.documentElement.outerHTML; /* gets entire
> document source, including !DOCTYPE statement */
> var result = httpPostText("",  
> "fragment=" +
> encodeURIComponent(docContents) +"&output=soap12");

This looks reasonable

> In the above case, I get a SOAP reply. However, if I substitute a URL
> instead of raw HTML, as shown below...
> var docContents = "";
> var result = httpPostText("", "uri=" +
> encodeURIComponent(docContents) +"&output=soap12");

I am far from being a javascript expert, but shouldn't it be  
encodeURIComponent(location.href) ? It looks like you're sending the  
whole content of the page as a URI parameter, which possibly trips up  
the validator.

> I always get an HTML reply. I've tried encoding the & in front of the
> output argument, but the results are the same. Is there something  
> else I
> should be doing? Have I misunderstood something major?

If the fix suggested above does not have any effect, could you test  
your code on the following instance of the validator?
It is our lastest development version, and it includes a number of  
recent bug fixes to the API.

Thank you.

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 22:39:49 UTC