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Re: Installing the validator on OS X

From: Chris Casciano <chris@placenamehere.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 13:10:48 -0500
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-id: <BA851058.49F5C%chris@placenamehere.com>

on 2/28/03 11:17 AM, Ville Skyttä at ville.skytta@iki.fi wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 08:47, Chris Casciano wrote:
>> - the file validator.conf file wasn't included in the tar dist... Grabbed it
>> from cvs, made the needed changes (pointing at the parser in /sw/bin being
>> one) & tossed it in /etc/w3c
> IIRC, that's a packaging buglet, check.cfg is the one that should be
> copied to validator.conf wherever you like it.

Okie... I was just pointing it out for the record

>> - at this point check picked up the config file, but wasn't parsing it
>> properly tossing up an error for a uninitialized value for the sgml parser.
>> Investigation (i.e. cvs) showed the config format was totally rewritten &
>> migrated to Config::General so my files were out of sync (no surprise)
>> - switched site to cvs version. Redid some html changes. Got the templates
>> working. Template location is hard coded in check and I moved em so had to
>> change that.
> You're aware that the CVS version that has the config file rewritten is
> most likely HEAD, which is an unstable development branch, right?.
> Don't expect things to work there for now... (use the CVS tag
> validator-0_6_0-branch to access the latest and greatest stuff in the
> "stable" branch).  This is documented better in the upcoming 0.6.2
> release.

Yes, well aware. I'd be more concerned with the version/stability if I
planned to let anyone besides myself access my mirror. As it is this was
more a proof of concept so I merely followed the "documented" checkout

>> BUT... Every document I run through the validator comes back with "This page
>> is not Valid !" yet no messages are given in the "below are the results"
>> section... This is the case with both valid and invalid docs.
> IIRC this is a symptom of a too old OpenSP, ie. one that doesn't
> understand the -R option.  You'll need OpenSP 1.5 (AFAICT any
> pre-releases won't do) or Liam's lq-nsgmls.  Or you can remove the -R
> option but be aware of the security implications (search the list
> archive for more info about this).
> HTH,

Thx, it should. As I mentioned, I didn't have any luck getting Liam's
lq-nsgmls installed in OS X. Running "%onsgmls --version" I get:
<sp:message sp:id="mid0"
"OpenSP" version "1.5"

But I will spend some time checking the archives and looking more into my
OpenSP installation next time I get some time to work on this.

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