Re: Possible bug in XHTML 1.1 validator?

On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 11:29, Vincenzo Della Mea wrote:

> I'm teaching Web Technologies to graduate students, One of my students  
> tried to validate the  following XHTML 1.1 document, without success  
> but even without errors explained:

Ooh, this is a nice one:

> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"

The error is caused by missing whitespace after PUBLIC, after adding it,
the document validates fine.  Need to see if it's a Validator or OpenSP
bug... thanks for the feedback!

The OpenSP XML support page [1] has this:

   OpenSP does not enforce the following XML constraints:
   XML does not allow a parameter separator that is adjacent to a
   delimiter to be omitted.

Dunno yet if this is it.  Something should be done to the validator
output anyway.

\/ille Skyttä
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Received on Friday, 28 February 2003 11:28:07 UTC