Re: Installing the validator on OS X

Chris Casciano <> wrote:

>A conversation arose in another forum[1] regarding offline validation,
>validation of content behind firewalls, yadda yadda yadda. As a result
>of that conversation I am in the process of attempting to install the
>W3C validator on my powerbook running OS X. Karl Dubost suggested I post
>my comments on the process here so their on the record if you plan on
>creating some docs in the future.

Thank you! We need all the help we can get in this department; this message
was _very_ helpfull!

>* PERL: of the currently listed required modules only Text::Iconv gave
>me problems when installing via the the cpan shell.

Text::Iconv and libiconv are a sore issue on Mac OS X. The iconv interface
is a defined part of POSIX and so Mac OS X (which claims POSIX conformance)
/should/ include this interface. Unfortunately there seems to be all kinds
of issues with the interface being hidden inside a Framework and the header
files missing. This is the main thing I stumbled on the last time I tried
to get Validator running on Mac OS X. :-(

>Initial attempts to build OpenSP-1.5 from source failed.

102115>; this is a known issue with the version of GCC 3.1 that Apple ships
with Mac OS X 10.2.x. I haven't checked with the latest versions of Mac OS
X (10.2.4) and the Developer Tools (December 2002), but I suspect this will
still be an issue until 10.3 ships. In the mean time you can compile OpenSP
on Mac OS X 10.2 by issuing "sudo gcc_select 2" (to switch to GCC 2.95),
building OpenSP as usual, and then doing "sudo gcc_select 3" (to switch
back to GCC 3.1).

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