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Ookey, fine. I guess you guys would know, thanks. I think I'll just
adopt Karl's slogan and tell my students to "Be Strict To Be Cool." Or
be semantically correct to get an A. Hmm, has less of a ring to it. :)

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At 22:15 -0400 2003-04-14, Clark Alexander wrote:
>Not that I know what #PCDATA children are, but thanks. What's the 
>reference for that? However, wouldn't that not conflict with the goals 
>of xhtml? That is to reformulate html so that it is consistent with 
>well-formed xml? That doesn't appear to be well formed. While I 
>understand that xhtml transitional was pretty tolerant, I was under the

>impression that was fairly limited to merely allowing deprecated 
>elements and attributes.

It's well formed. :)
It's not semantically necessary correct, but HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 
doesn't make any conformant requirements on the semantics... so :/

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