Re: automated queries

Terje Bless wrote:

>>I just want to know: how is the feeling about automated queries to the
>>validator (and probably link checker)? I would like to do an automatic
>>check of sites before they go online in our CMS, but I think it would be
>>impossible to install a local copy of the validator in our environment.
> That depends entirely on volume. I don't think anyone can give you hard and
> fast rules about this so you'll need to use common sense.

I think it will behave nicely. I just would stay away from it if it
were categoric prohibited.

> The output options are there so that people can begin to experiment with
> integrating the Validator in their workflows -- CMSs or blogs etc. -- but
> if you integrate it in a production environment you'd best be prepared for
> it to break.

That's ok as long as I can detected that it's broken (should be no
problem by parsing the version information and check for a 200 OK).

Thanks, I will start playing around with it.

Received on Saturday, 30 November 2002 16:13:23 UTC