Re: automated queries

Matthias Englert <> wrote:

>I just want to know: how is the feeling about automated queries to the
>validator (and probably link checker)? I would like to do an automatic
>check of sites before they go online in our CMS, but I think it would be
>impossible to install a local copy of the validator in our environment.

That depends entirely on volume. I don't think anyone can give you hard and
fast rules about this so you'll need to use common sense.

>Is the experimental "Output Options" feature for cases like this?


>When is a stable API (can be SOAP or anything else, but should not
>change every week) expected?

I'm planning to look into SOAP for the next version -- tentatively labelled
0.7.0 -- but I don't want to guess at when that might go final or what it
will ultimately contain.

Chances are the XML output option will remain stable until we release 0.7.0
(as the 0.6.0 branch is in maintenance mode now), but I _cannot_ guarantee
that it will not change.

The output options are there so that people can begin to experiment with
integrating the Validator in their workflows -- CMSs or blogs etc. -- but
if you integrate it in a production environment you'd best be prepared for
it to break.

As for a SOAP interface, it may or may not be in 0.7.0 and it may or may
not be still labelled beta in 0.7.0. I hope to have it finalized to the
point where changes will be backwards compatible, but it's far too early to
tell for sure.

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