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Re: Beta: "Revalidate" doesn't work for files

From: Einar Westermann <einar.westermann@online.no>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 00:14:04 +0100
Message-ID: <3DCAF3BC.56E7715A@online.no>
To: ville.skytta@iki.fi
CC: www-validator@w3.org

On 07 Nov 2002 00:07:28 +0200 Ville Skyttä wrote:

> > Could you add a "Revalidate" link that goes to the "Extended
> > Interface" with the file name pre-loaded?

> Nice idea, but I have doubts if it'll work.  IIRC browsers send only the
> file name, not the full path with file uploads.  Further, they won't
> allow a the value of the field to be set, either directly from HTML or
> by scripting (and IMO that's the way it should be, for security
> reasons).  Please yell if I'm wrong, but I think the best one can do is
> to click the back button and hope that the file name will be there...

I may be missing one or more points here, but was there really a need
for the Revalidate button in the first place? Any browser's page reload
feature seems to work (bar a possible question about resending form
data). If this is commonly feasible but not generally known (as the
existence of the former Revalidate button perhaps indicated) it may
deserve a mention in the documentation, as has been suggested [1].

Einar Westermann

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