Re: Beta: "Revalidate" doesn't work for files

At 04:23 06-11-2002 +0100, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> * B.J. Herbison wrote:
>> When I upload a file with the Beta Validation Service clicking
>> the "Revalidate" button has no effect.  I tried this with IE 6,
>> Netscape 7, and Opera 6 with the same result.  In each case the
>> revalidate worked for URLs but not for files.
> I think this is already resolved in CVS by omitting the revalidate
> option for file uploads (or that's at least the proposed solution).
> Would that be ok for you?

Could you add a "Revalidate" link that goes to the "Extended
Interface" with the file name pre-loaded?

By the way:

o does not validate.
    There's a missing / in line 148.

o  If you enter both a file and an URL the URL is ignored and
    the file is uploaded and validated.  Should you warn, possibly
    after checking both for validity?

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