Re: detailed.html page broken in CVS

Frederic Schutz <> wrote:

>I have a problem with the detailed.html page when I use the CVS version
>of the validator: my choices of encoding or type are not transmitted to
>the validator. The culprit seems to be the code that transforms a POST
>request into a GET, but does not copy the doctype or charset
>information. [...] I attach below a possible patch, against the current
>CVS version.

Thanks! I applied it to CVS it will be in the next update.

>It seems to work, but I was just wondering if some more escaping could
>be necessary (eg what happens if the charset variable contains a ";") ?

Nah. A semicolon isn't an allowed character in this parameter (i.e. it
shouldn't appear there) and the failure mode here is simply that it doesn't
set the charset. We can live with that until get around to making the fixes
to the escaping code that Björn has been helping us with recently.

>The code duplication is already in the original script (any simple way
>to fix that ?).

Sure. I just moved the lot of it into a sub-routine. There's one or two
more places where we can use it.

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