Re: Beta: Charset attribute

I see. So the validator in fact evaluates my user agent's capabilities
as well, while offering file validation. The result may be enlightening,
but this function is not really what I seek, I think. I want the file
checked for conformance, and my UA is not the file's ultimate server.
This aspect of the validator follows, however, necessarily from the
combined File upload and Validate URI interface, perhaps? Or is this
charset attribute or parameter something the validator needs but may not
get when I upload?

Anyway, I found the "Note: The HTTP Content-Type field did not contain a
"charset" attribute ..." confusing in the context. Could it be worded

Einar Westermann

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Einar Westermann wrote:
> >
> > But can there really be a "HTTP Content-Type field" in an upload to the
> > validator?
> Yes, your UA adds one, probably based on the local file type information
> (e.g. on Windows it's probably based on the extension using the registry's
> extension to MIME type mapping).
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