Re: Updated validator patches

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 08:41, Terje Bless wrote:

> Ok, I've now applied the following patches.
>  w3c-validator-errornumbers.patch      24-May-2002 20:19     1k  
>  w3c-validator-file-spec.patch         24-May-2002 20:19     2k  
>  w3c-validator-protocols.patch         24-May-2002 20:19     5k  
>  w3c-validator-referer-relpath.patch   24-May-2002 20:20     1k  
>  w3c-validator-result-form.patch       24-May-2002 20:19     3k  


> The checklink patches:
>  w3c-validator-checklink-cleanup.patch 24-May-2002 20:19     9k  
>  w3c-validator-checklink-options.patch 24-May-2002 20:19     6k  
> have _not_ been applied. The cheklink bit is nominally maintained by Hugo
> Haas, but he's been working on other things lately. I've pinged him about
> it and he's promised to "do something" about it ASAP.


> >RedHat 7.x RPM [...] at <URL:>.
> Your're building RPMs? Cool! Wanna volunteer to be the official RPM
> packager? :-)

Yep, been building them for some time now, and will do so in the future,
so why not :)

> (I can stick the spec file in CVS if you like, BTW)

Hmm, if the spec is in CVS, I'd like to be able to update it... 

> I would suggest splitting it up though:
> The huge bulk of the validator is in the SGML library. It contains about a
> gazillion DTDs and is updated fairly rarely. Then there are the CGIs which
> mostly function standalone, with the exception of needing the config files
> from htdocs/config. Another logical part is the HTML which provides
> documentation and an initial entry point to the CGI scripts. With
> cgi-bin/check(link) and the config files you have a bare minimum functional
> installation (that might be set to use Red Hat's SGML library, say!).
> At the very least I would suggest splitting the SGML library
> ($CVSROOT/validator/htdocs/sgml-lib/) out into it's own RPM.

Good point, I've now split the sgml-lib into the -libs RPM.  I'll take a
look at using the RH SGML stuff later.

There are new RPMs at <URL:> now, and as usual,
a couple of new/updated/not-yet-applied patches at
<URL:>.  The most
noteworthy of these is the -relative-paths.patch, which finally enables
installation into a non-webserver-root directory...

See the RPM's description for steps on enabling the validator, ie.:
rpm -qivp w3c-validator-0.6.0-0.cvs20020606.2.noarch.rpm

Ville Skyttä
ville.skytta at

Received on Saturday, 8 June 2002 05:08:12 UTC