Re: persistent QA problems with the W3C Validator

Hi Terje,

I'd just like to second Gregory's comments about soliciting feedback on and the Interest Group list. I have to admit that I don't
watch www-validator much, and though I know there are a few accessibility
folks on that list I think that more feedback would come from the wider
accessibility-focused lists. (I should warn you that both of those lists are
open discussion with no formal ability to draw a consensus, so it might take
some time to let the discussion settle there before trying to pick out the
answers). But I do use both those lists and the validator, so would be
interested in the discussions there if they take off.


Charles McCN

PS As far as I can tell W3C doesn't have any coffers to support thias kind of
thing. Sigh. I am sure they accept donations.

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002 wrote:

  TB2: If you could suggest some appropriate venues for soliciting help
  with improving the Accessibility of the Validator I'd appreciate it.
  I'm not in a position to pay anywhere near normal rates for such
  consultancy -- I'm a private individual with no access to any coffers
  the W3C may have for such eventualities -- but I should be able to
  give proper credit for such contributions on the web site, and I may
  be able to pay some symbolic fee out of my own pocket.

  GJR2: during the testing/implementation stage, you should solicit the
  opinion of the subscribers to, which is the emailing
  list where the work on reformatting the W3C mail archives, amongst
  other things, transpires - WAI-Xtech is a cross-working group mailing
  list, where issues that affect all of the WAI working groups are
  discussed, thereby eliminating (or at least reducing) cross-posting
  to individual WAI working group lists...  this means that you will be
  able to pick the brains of members of the Protocols & Formats,
  Authoring Tool, User Agent, Evaluation & Repair, Web Content
  Accessibility, and Education & Outreach working groups in one fell
  swoop...  once you have implemented the fixes, then send email to, the WAI Interest Group list, announcing the changes
  and soliciting feedback...  that being said, the individuals whom you
  cited as having provided feedback/advice in your reply are ALL
  excellent resources...

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