Re: Updated validator patches

Ville Skyttä <> wrote:

>>>RedHat 7.x RPM [...] at <URL:>.
>>Your're building RPMs? Cool! Wanna volunteer to be the official RPM
>>packager? :-)
>Yep, been building them for some time now, and will do so in the future,
>so why not :)

"I dub thee ``Sir RPM of The HTMLish Validator´´!" :-)

>>(I can stick the spec file in CVS if you like, BTW)
>Hmm, if the spec is in CVS, I'd like to be able to update it...

If I stick the spec file in CVS I would /also/ like you to be able to
update it. :-)  Not sure if that's doable though. Not my call.

>>At the very least I would suggest splitting the SGML library
>>($CVSROOT/validator/htdocs/sgml-lib/) out into it's own RPM.
>Good point, I've now split the sgml-lib into the -libs RPM.  I'll take a
>look at using the RH SGML stuff later.

The RH SGML stuff probably needs cleaning up. As does the Validator's.
Integrating these could be a bit hairy, but should be doable eventually.

Perhaps if I make a tarball of just the relevant bits...

>There are new RPMs at <URL:> now, and as usual,
>a couple of new/updated/not-yet-applied patches at
><URL:>.  The most
>noteworthy of these is the -relative-paths.patch, which finally enables
>installation into a non-webserver-root directory...

I meant to get to them this weekend, but I ran out of time. Worse yet, it
looks like I'll have pretty much zero time for the Validator for a while
now, so I'm not sure when I can get to them. I'll try to do it as quickly
as I can though (I _hate_ waiting for patches to get applied upstream).

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