Re: problem with validator

"Lee A. Jones" skribis:

> I have a web page with the W3C validation graphic on it, and a link to the
> W3C validator page.
> When it tries to validate the page
> ( it tells me that the
> page does not validate if it detects automatically, the character set and
> doc type.

I get only an error about a 0-character after the </html>.
Which error do you get?

> yet when I replace the 'detect' with the character and doctype already used
> in the document, it validates with no errors!

Ah, yes. (It is only necessary to set the doctype.)

> Why is this? Is this something to do with my webpage (which
> swear is nothing to do with them) or is it something quirky to do with the
> validator.

It seems that when setting the doctype explicitely,
the validator does other checks than otherwise.


Received on Thursday, 8 August 2002 18:50:34 UTC