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On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 05:34:28PM +0200, Terje Bless wrote:
> Adding labels is a very good idea and is now in the development version.

Looks great, thanks.

> The text alignment I'm less certain of. The development version has fairly
> large changes in this respect. Take a look at
> <URL:> and let me know if you concern has been
> addressed.

Heh. I had a hard time guessing I wanted the extended interface, but I'm
quite sure having the simple form as default is the correct approach. 

Having said that, when I validate a page without charset or encoding, I
get the following text:

    The "charset" parameter on the HTTP Content-Type field: ""
    The "encoding" attribute on the XML Declaration: ""
    Any "charset" value given in a HTML "META" element: ""
    And the charset autodetect from the XML Reccomendation: ""

A similar error occurs when validating a page without a DTD. Because
these are *very* common problems and because the extended interface
provides a way to override these, it would be important to include a
direct link to it in this message. The wording could be as follows:

    No character-set description was found in the HTML code or HTTP
    headers (<a href="...">what does this mean?</a>). You can select it
    manually by using the <a href="...">extended validation

The same sort of message could be used for DTD-less pages. It would
allow people to easily access functionality that has been removed from
the page (since the form is not included in the response anymore).

Oh. Keep in mind that right-aligned text inside the navigation bar will
be slightly more difficult to read than left-aligned text; I'm unsure,
however, if it will fit gracefully with the position of the bar in the

I note that the right-hand navigation bar overlaps the content area in
Mozilla-1.1-current. I'll have a look at the code to see what Moz is
doing wrong. 

Thanks for the quick response, it's always a pleasure to help.

Take care,
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