problem with validator

I have a web page with the W3C validation graphic on it, and a link to the
W3C validator page.

When it tries to validate the page
( it tells me that the
page does not validate if it detects automatically, the character set and
doc type.

yet when I replace the 'detect' with the character and doctype already used
in the document, it validates with no errors!

Why is this? Is this something to do with my webpage (which
swear is nothing to do with them) or is it something quirky to do with the

I would love to know what the problem is, that is causing this error, as I
can't possibly link to W3C if it then tells me that my webpage is not valid,
when it clearly is!


Lee Jones
Archipelago Design

Received on Thursday, 8 August 2002 10:22:52 UTC