Re: problem with validator

Lee A. Jones <> wrote:

>I have a web page with the W3C validation graphic on it, and a link to
>the W3C validator page.
>When it tries to validate the page
>( it tells me that the
>page does not validate if it detects automatically, the character set
>and doc type.
>yet when I replace the 'detect' with the character and doctype already
>used in the document, it validates with no errors!
>Why is this? Is this something to do with my webpage (which
> swear is nothing to do with them) or is it something
>quirky to do with the validator.

Well, it's certainly a bug in the Validator. Several in fact (see below).

But what you are seeing is a result of a hidden ASCII NUL (0x00) character
at the end of your HTML file. If you delete that the page should validate
just fine.

The error reporting is clearly on the fritz here though. First of all that
column number is off by about 380 characters (I think I have a patch for
this sitting around somewhere). More importantly though, it looks like we
have something strange going on with the charset and doctype overrides. The
same results should be reported in both cases.

Thanks for the feedback, Lee! We'll look into it and see what we can do to
fix these bugs.

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