Re: xhtml validation

Jay Knight <> wrote:

>The validator just told me that it couldn't validate my page, because
>the content-type was application/xhtml+xml.  This is what it should be
>according to
>What am I missing?

About one update of the public Validator I'd say. :-)

application/xhtml+xml is supported in the current development version, but
hasn't made it into the current public version yet. Expect this to appear
in the next update.

Editor's note: in the last update,   we noted that Larry Wall would "vomment"
on existing RFCs. Some took that to be a cross between "vomit" and "comment."
We are unsure of whether it was a subconscious slip or a typographical error.
We are also unsure of whether or not to regret the error.      --

Received on Thursday, 8 August 2002 11:36:19 UTC