Re: Validation as a Browser Plugin for MSIE

On 16.09.01 at 22:33, Nick Kew <> wrote:

>Following a suggestion from a 'net colleague, we have written a
>script that works with the XMLMessageReporter to produce a
>validator that is altogether more compact than the existing
>services.  It is offered as a browser extension for MSIE, and
>when installed it makes "Validate" (the current page) an option
>on the right-mouse-click menu.
>The URL is <URL:>, and is still considered
>a prototype.  Please test-drive.  As ever, comments and suggestions
>are invited.

The concept is so cool I'm positively _panting_ to try it out. :-)

However I couldn't get it to work in MSIE 5.5 on W2K NO. It flashed up what
looked like a script error dialog for half a second but then it disappeared
again and nothing happened. Could it be that it only works with the US
version of W2K or MSIE? Or did I goof up somewhere obvious?

Received on Wednesday, 19 September 2001 11:55:14 UTC