Re: just a comment from a constant user of the validator

On 17.09.01 at 14:09, Jon <> wrote:

>1) The font is too small in the "results" area.

You may be right; now that you mention it it does look like it could be
somewhat larger by default. Meanwhile, we're using CSS for layout so you
should be able to adjust the font size with a user stylesheet if your
browser supports that.

>2) The entire layout seems "loose" and somewhat erratic visually. [...]
>the mixture of too many different fonts, font sizes, and font-weights with
>varying background colors is quite confusing

I agree. The current style has grown together somewhat haphazardly over
time -- and it shows! -- and there are also some unfortunate interactions
between stylesheets that can be considered outright bugs. We are focusing
on this aspect right now and will try to improve it if possible.

Thank you for your feedback and please do let us know if you have any other
comments, good or bad. It's very much appreciated!

>It was "tight" and easy to spot whatever part you needed previously. Now,
>things are not neatly uniformly left-aligned as an English speaker might

This, however, I don't understand. The text is still left-aligned AFAICT.
Could you perhaps elaborate a bit on this?

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