Re: Trouble: ....document type...

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>Advice very much needed.

Please post the URL for a page that exhibits the problem and/or one that
used to validate but which is now giving you warnings. Quite apart from the
possibility of a bug in the Validator, we have recently updated it to be
stricter about some things and give you more information (some of which may
be poorly phrased). To stand any chance of determining what is happening
here we'll need to have the URL of the page(s) you are refering to.

In general, though, you will get the phrasing "..._would_ validate if..."
if either of 1) you are missing charset info 2) you're missing a DOCTYPE or
3) you have turned on one or more of the options that alter the document
before validation (e.g. DTD override, charset override, etc.).

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