Re: Validator patch (tiny)

>      <a href="/">HTML Validation Service</a> Results</h1>
>      <a href="$abs_svc_uri">HTML Validation Service</a> Results</h1>

I'm aware of this issue (it bit me a couple of times), but I haven't done
anything to fix it because I've been planning to do this in the course of
some larger changes to make the validator more customizable. I suspect the
reason Gerald hasn't done it is the same.

>2) Line 68 refers to the $faqloc:
>my $faqloc	= '';
>It appears that this file no longer exists at this location?  Perhaps
>including an error file in the 'htdocs' directory would be 
>more appropriate at this point?

Yes. Since Scott isn't in a position to maintain it any more, I've got the
full KGV FAQ sitting on my machine waiting for me to do anything about it.
I'm going to do some minor fixes to the HTML and make it fit in better with
the rest of the Validator pages and then send them along to Gerald. The next
step is to optionally inline the error explanations.

However, I'm not really that good at the SGML-side of things so for any
substansive changes and updates to the FAQ, someone on this list will have
to go through it and weed out the old stuff and any errors.

>FYI, I'm running the Validator on Win2000 Server, ActiveState 
>Perl build 522, Apache 1.3.9, and I currently run the script
>with only 4 needed changes

Ah Great! You've just volunteered to write an installation guide for the
Validator on W32 systems! :-)

> -- the 'shebang' now reads "#!d:/perl/bin/perl.exe, 
>and I've changed $abs_svc_uri, $faqloc, and $element_ref
>(although only $abs_svc_uri is absolutely necessary).

The three variables should become configuration options in the not so
distant future. The shebang-line is a bit worse. We may have to start
mucking with installation scripts if nobody has any good solutions to this
problem. ASP?

BTW, did you try renaming "check" to ""?

Received on Friday, 11 February 2000 01:40:08 UTC