RE: Validator patch (tiny)

> >      <a href="/">HTML Validation Service</a> Results</h1>
> >      <a href="$abs_svc_uri">HTML Validation Service</a> Results</h1>
> I'm aware of this issue (it bit me a couple of times), but I haven't done
> anything to fix it because I've been planning to do this in the course of
> some larger changes to make the validator more customizable. I suspect the

I thought the issue had come up in the past, and had been corrected (but
then, I've been lax in updating my personal copy of the Validator - my old
version was from back around 1.22).

> >FYI, I'm running the Validator on Win2000 Server, ActiveState
> >Perl build 522, Apache 1.3.9, and I currently run the script
> >with only 4 needed changes
> Ah Great! You've just volunteered to write an installation guide for the
> Validator on W32 systems! :-)

ARGHHH!  I knew I'd get in trouble for opening my big mouth!

> BTW, did you try renaming "check" to ""?

Yep, tried all the more popular variations -- "check.cgi", "", and
plain old "check"...  As long as Apache has the ScriptAlias set to point to
an existing file, the script will run.

 --> ScriptAlias /check

I mainly used "check.cgi" to distinguish my (modified) copy from the W3C
original.  I thought that perhaps ActiveState's isntallation had not
associated ".pl" files with the Perl executable, but that was not the case.
I just not that adept at debugging Perl, so I can't point to something in
the script that would cause the "Bad file descriptor" that Björn Höhrmann
commented about (other than it happens when nsgmls is called).


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