XHTML-1.0 / HTML-4.0 compatibility

I've followed the instructions in the XHTML-1.0 guide for making my
XHTML-compliant pages work with HTML-4.0 user agents, but now the pages
don't validate as HTML-4.0.

The XHTML guide suggests ending empty tags thus: "<hr />" -- but the
HTML-4.0 validator complains. Is this strictly legal or simply a bodge that
happens to work? If the former, please update the HTML validator to deal
with these. Although XHTML isn't really "here" yet, I'd like to write my
code correctly the first time around!

Mark Tranchant
Work email: mtranch2@ford.com
Home email: mark@tranchant.freeserve.co.uk
WWW: http://i.am/mark_tranchant

Received on Friday, 11 February 2000 03:11:53 UTC