Validator patch (tiny)

Gerald, et al, I have just two small suggestions...

When I validate a page using local Validator, the results page displays the
W3C logo at the top and a hard-coded link back to the root of whatever
system the Validator is installed on.  I would suggest that the link
actually go to whatever is defined in '$abs_svc_uri'; comparing to the
published v1.61 of the source, line 198 reads:

      <a href="/">HTML Validation Service</a> Results</h1>

Change this to:

      <a href="$abs_svc_uri">HTML Validation Service</a> Results</h1>

Not everyone runs the validator in its own domain, or at the root of the
domain (in my case, it's at http://localhost/validator/).

Line 68 refers to the $faqloc:

my $faqloc	= '';

It appears that this file no longer exists at this location?  Perhaps
including an error file in the 'htdocs' directory would be more appropriate
at this point?  I can forward to Gerald a copy of errors.html I made from
the original $faqloc, if he likes.  (Or, since I just did a rescan of the
check script and saw that its use through $faqerrloc is commented out, you
could ignore me!)

FYI, I'm running the Validator on Win2000 Server, ActiveState Perl build
522, Apache 1.3.9, and I currently run the script with only 4 needed
changes -- the 'shebang' now reads "#!d:/perl/bin/perl.exe, and I've changed
$abs_svc_uri, $faqloc, and $element_ref (although only $abs_svc_uri is
absolutely necessary).  The caveat is that I had to use Björn Höhrmann's
trick of putting CMD.EXE in my Validator's cgi-bin directory (see; and
before someone screams about security issues, this validator is never
exposed outside my home, it's strictly for personal use).  So I also look
forward to seeing anybody's suggestions for a workaround or possible


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