Re: restful api wish


On 3-Jul-08, at 3:37 PM, Kai Hendry wrote:
> In terms of VIM (my editor), the error format I am looking for is:
> set errorformat=%f:%l:%m
> %f I generate, so just:
>       %l - line number
>       %m - error message
> Hence I think the could be as simple as:
>       $err.Line:$context_msg $error_msg
>       $warning.Line:#if ( $warning.Context ) $warning.Context #end
> $warning.WarningMessage
> Be good if the error output alias could be something short like 'vim'.

So you are suggesting a new text output, rather than modifying the  
existing text output? I guess that's feasible.

Is the output format you are suggesting compatible or equivalent to  
the GNU error output format? It seems like it would mostly need the  
addition of the document file name or URL at the beginning of each line.


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