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On Jul 9, 2008, at 22:55, olivier Thereaux wrote:

> Is the output format you are suggesting compatible or equivalent to  
> the GNU error output format? It seems like it would mostly need the  
> addition of the document file name or URL at the beginning of each  
> line.

The official GNU documentation has not been yet updated to support  
quoted file names, which is a necessary feature for putting a full URL  
into the file name field. The expectation is that the GNU format will  
be updated to allow quoted filenames (that can then contain colons),  
so uses this feature.

The wiki page documenting the "gnu" output deliberately  
documents a *subset* of the full format. sticks to the  
subset. violates the GNU format spec in two ways (not counting  
the anticipated name quoting feature): the messages end with a period  
and tabs are counted as one column.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Monday, 14 July 2008 10:31:09 UTC