Re: restful api wish

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 8:55 PM, olivier Thereaux <> wrote:
> So you are suggesting a new text output, rather than modifying the existing
> text output? I guess that's feasible.

Great. :) I was also thinking that a JSON output format would be
useful for many:

> Is the output format you are suggesting compatible or equivalent to the GNU
> error output format? It seems like it would mostly need the addition of the
> document file name or URL at the beginning of each line.

Yes, I've previously omitted the file as I have not figured out how I
can send multiple files with cURL yet. Does the validator support

Also I think the files "leading directory components" get removed on a
post which VIM doesn't like. Though if "multiple file post/upload"
does work, having even the file's basename would be super useful for
associating validator output with the right file. :)

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