URL: Nov 18 deadline for IETF internet drafts

The work on URLs seems to be coming along very nicely.
Note that the ultimate goal of this effort is to come 
up with something that can become a standards track RFC
in the IETF (which does other URL schemes as well, mailto:

Thus, it is important to keep the connection.

It would thus be great if some of you could get together
and work out an Internet Draft for tv-related URI schemes
From what I see what has been discussed on this list,
this can be two things:
1) Concrete proposal(s) on how to do tv-related URIs (updates
or submissions of already existing ones) One is better 
than 5 here, of course.
2) A requirements document: Again, it would be good to have
only one document

I guess more work has been spent on 2) than on 1) at the moment,
so this looks more realistic.

What we need now are authors for each of the document.
Who wants to sign up ?

Basically, i'd like to replace the list of people listed
on the group page under the "Document on 'tv' URL scheme"
on the IG's homepage
by a list of authors actually working on each document.

Note that each document can still have open questions
when they are submitted (very likely, given the timeframe).
I know that some of you are already working on this
independently, so please get together.

Received on Thursday, 5 November 1998 05:38:35 UTC