RE: AICI: Focus

From: Jan van der Meer (
Date: Thu, Nov 05 1998

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From: Jan van der Meer <>
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Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 11:21:39 +0100
Subject: RE: AICI: Focus

Dear all,

Just for your information. DAVIC currently works on what they call "TV 
Anytime" and "TV Anywhere".

The objective of "TV Anytime" is to specify download of broadcast programs 
to a Set Top Box with local storage capabilities for play back at a later 
time. Download should be possible over (MPEG-2 TS based) Broadcast and over 

The objective of "TV Anywhere" is to specify real-time delivery of 
broadcast services over IP (e.g. to enable that you can even to watch your 
favourite program abroad). DAVIC decided already to use MPEG-4 audio and 
video as the content format for those services, but the transport format is 
still subject to discussion.

I hope this clarifies a bit.

Kind regards,

Jan van der Meer