Re: URL: Nov 18 deadline for IETF internet drafts

Philipp Hoschka wrote:
> The work on URLs seems to be coming along very nicely.
> Note that the ultimate goal of this effort is to come
> up with something that can become a standards track RFC
> in the IETF (which does other URL schemes as well, mailto:
> etc.)
> Thus, it is important to keep the connection.
> It would thus be great if some of you could get together
> and work out an Internet Draft for tv-related URI schemes
> .
> >From what I see what has been discussed on this list,
> this can be two things:
> 1) Concrete proposal(s) on how to do tv-related URIs (updates
> or submissions of already existing ones) One is better
> than 5 here, of course.
> 2) A requirements document: Again, it would be good to have
> only one document
> I guess more work has been spent on 2) than on 1) at the moment,
> so this looks more realistic.

I am collecting URL schemes as they are hanging out, and try 
to compare them. I expect something to show to the list on Monday.

I have not met much controversion, so 1) could be covered 
as well. I could do some work for ID under 1). It depends 
on our discussion whether that ID can meet the 18th deadline
in a sensible way.


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